Capoeira in Sequim: Come play!

Capoeira in Sequim is every Sunday 10am to Noon Capoeira Angola Oxossi incorporates curriculum based on the skills, knowledge, philosophy and folklore of the traditional Brazilian folk sport/art of Capoeira Angola.  The core of the teachings were imparted to our teacher PererĂª (Eric Johnson) by his teacher, Mestre NĂ´ (Norival Moreira de Oliveira) of Bahia. […]

Sequim-Carlsborg, WA Martial Arts Classes for Kids and Adults

Sequim-Carlsborg, WA Martial Arts Classes: Three independent martial arts groups offer classes out of the mat space located at 1600 Carlsborg Road in Sequim-Carlsborg, WA. Experienced Karate, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and Krav Maga instructors have lessons six days a week for both children and adults. Check out the articles on this page for more information or […]