Capoeira in Sequim is every Sunday 10am to Noon

Capoeira Angola Oxossi incorporates curriculum based on the skills, knowledge, philosophy and folklore of the traditional Brazilian folk sport/art of Capoeira Angola.  The core of the teachings were imparted to our teacher Pererê (Eric Johnson) by his teacher, Mestre Nô (Norival Moreira de Oliveira) of Bahia. Capoeira Angola Oxossi is made up of multiple groups spread all across the United States. You can experience Capoeira in Sequim on Sundays with Dentista (Joseph Churchill), the instructor of the group.

Students learn and apply the fundamentals of situational awareness, critical thinking/strategy, movement skills, and self-defense through the rites of the game (roda). The roda equals and reflects the circumstances of our lives – of its perils and beauties, and also its potentials for success and transformation. It re-enacts a hero’s journey, the path of the Sun, the cycles of nature and more.

About the Instructor

Joseph Churchill began his journey as a student of Pererê’s about 9 years ago in Omaha, Nebraska with instructors Rato and Pensador. Through the joy of embodying these dynamic and practical movement patterns, learning to navigate the roda, and simply remembering how to play, he has found this art to be deeply transformative. For those seeking practical skills for wellness, those who might feel trapped by the circumstances of their lives, those who are explorers of movement, and those seeking to deepen their connection to nature, Capoeira Angola Oxossi has much to offer.

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