Train Krav Maga in Sequim at 1600 Carlsborg Road! Krav Maga is an effective, modern and very dynamic self defense and fighting system. It was developed in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s to help the Jewish people protect themselves. Krav Maga was not introduced into the United States until the 1980s, but it was soon adopted by the military and many law enforcement agencies.

The Benefits of Training Krav Maga

The primary goal in Krav Maga is to keep you and those you care about safe. We incorporate situational awareness, de-escalation and avoidance into our training and scenarios. But when confronted with a violent encounter, Krav Maga offers a skill set and mind set for surviving the situation. 

Krav Maga training can be intense—both physically and mentally. The physical nature of the training improves endurance and strength. The mental aspects will help you make hard decisions in stressful situations.

About the Instructor for Krav Maga in Sequim

Jeremy Jacobs has been training Krav Maga for over eight years. He’s a retired firefighter from Las Vegas with 30+ years of street experience. He works with students from a variety of backgrounds—youth, teens, men and women—helping them build strength, resilience and confidence. Contact Jeremy at (702) 285-1058 to learn more about training Krav Maga for self defense.

Jeremy Jacob, Krav Maga Instructor

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