The Sequim Karate Club at 1600 Carlsborg Road was built by Karate instructor, Bob Stacey, over 20 years ago as his martial arts studio. Bob has been teaching adults and children martial arts there for over 25 years.

Sequim Karate Club Focuses On:

  • Proven, no nonsense movements designed for efficiency and to end things quickly.
  • Various levels of force to be used based on the level of threat.
  • Defenses including threats from strikes, sticks, knives and guns.

As Bob says, “We train for force, speed and accuracy with a variety of equipment as well as with partners in a safe, controlled environment. We stress the principles behind the techniques, natural body mechanics and instinctive responses.”

Student at the Sequim Karate Club Gain:

  • Flexibility of mind and body
  • Quick decision making
  • Physical agility and quickness
  • Balance, power and fitness
  • Skills for solo training
  • Confidence based on actual achievement

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does this take?
Martial arts is an opportunity for lifelong learning, but you’ll notice progress within about six months. Everyone learns at their own rate, but steady training will result in steady improvement.

Aren’t you just promoting more violence?
No. We are striving to put an end to criminal violence directed at us or other innocent people. We try to use minimal force. Defending yourself is a choice, but only if you know how.

Is this a safe thing to do?
It depends on how a person trains. Martial arts are not without risk. We train as realistically as possible while maintaining a priority on safety.

Does it make people over confident, cocky with an attitude of having “something to prove”?
Usually no. Through training, people quickly come to understand their own vulnerabilities which inspires them to avoid violence.

A Statement from Bob Stacey on Sequim Karate Club Training

As parents, we strive for years to teach our children to be safe in many risky areas of life such as safety Bob Stacey Sequim Karate Clubwith fire, food, driving, drugs, sex, etc., as we should. Yet we don’t always do much to prepare our sons and daughters for the shocking reality of intentional human-caused violence that we all know is much too common. This is because most people don’t know what to teach or if it’s even possible to defend oneself. However, this knowledge is available, learnable and effective! Once learned, it can serve to prevent and minimize harm.

I want to share what I have learned in the last 35 years of training to help more people to be safe and strong. Let’s give our kids the permission, knowledge and training they need to greatly increase their chances of coming home safe. This could easily be the most important thing that we ever give our kids!

— Bob Stacey

To contact the Sequim Karate Club, call or text Bob Stacey:
(360) 477-3307 mobile or (360) 683-2861 land line

Visit the home page for the complete schedule of all classes offered at the Sequim Karate Club. You can also check out the other martial arts groups that operate out of the same mat space:

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